The key to smooth customs handling is a complete and correct documents for a particular importation or export. You will not have to scratch your head and be twisted to and fro in researching what is required before clearing your shipment. Simply give us the details of your shipment and will explain to you what has to be in place. Once that is done, seat-back and await delivery of your shipment at your door step. Sign up on our website and be assured, your import and export will never give you headache again.


Having understood the complications that comes with customs declaration process worldwide, Saric has a team of expertise that are vast with customs clearing process both in import and export. Contact us through our designated email or our online portal and one of our dedicated team will get back to you within 24 hours.


No need to wait on call queue for hours while listening to undesirable music or wasting airtime while wanting to know the status of your shipment. Saric makes it easy by providing you with a tracking number which you can utilize by clicking on Track shipment page and know the whereabouts of your shipment whether importing or exporting.


Register now with Saric as we believes in time is money, hence not giving you puzzles to solve before you get a solution to your shipment. You can easily upload your shipment documents on our website and a consultant will be right on your monitor by email or you may receive our call.