Saric is wholly an legally owned Zambian form that prides in providing efficiency, effective and high quality service delivery of it`s clients. The company was established January, 2008 with its vision to provide satisfactory services to its clients.

Saric Enterprise Limited has a team that is highly dedicated to it`s valued customers and clients. This determination is enshrined and embedded in our mission and vision


Saric Enterprise Limited mission is to provide high quality services that will satisfy it`s clients and it is therefore committed to providing effective and efficient services, maintain extremely high standards of professionalism in the dispensation of service to clienteles.

The company has a highly placed staff team who are available to undertake client`s needs.We have well skilled manpower management, finance, marketing and business general dealing.

Saric Enterprise Limited maintains a very high standard of administration to double it`s effort in dealing with the clients. You as much as we desire to maintain a high of staff clientele efficient in maximum profit, it is the policy of this company to provide an equitable amount of staff morale.


Having the required level of understanding and expertise to the provision of a first class service, our management team will be accessible, responsible and productive on business matters.

We always strive to bring an independent and constructive approach to our staff. To this end the members of staff are able to combine thoroughness with a commercial approach to their work or duties.